The iconic American spirit, the post-war awakening of the 1950s, the Springtime rebirth—the Michael Kors Spring 2015 Collection conveyed a sunny vibe, drawing inspiration from times of true optimism. Realized in fabulous, feminine fifties silhouettes, flirty florals and a pristine palette conjured by bold blooms and natural tones—these pieces brought to life the romantic mood of the wind in your hair and the hands-in-pocket ease into warmer weather.



“The color palette is inspired by a garden coming to life—blooming wisteria and dreamy daffodils, lawn green and pretty peony pinks, and who doesn’t dream about a beautiful blue sky?”


“I wanted the music to give the feeling like you’re driving in a convertible with the top down, it’s 5 o’clock at night and the sun is golden. “Be My Baby” by the The Ronettes channeled this mood and got everyone’s feet tapping.”



“I love the photograph of Diana Vreeland with Louise Dahl-Wolfe—she was on her hands and knees, working and pinning, but she was still so glamorous.”

“I was inspired by women like choreographer Agnes de Mille and photographer Louise Dahl Wolfe. These women understood that you could have femininity but function at the same time.”


“Springtime for me is all about the rebirth. So I thought, what was the most optimistic time in history? The 1950s. You had the world awakening from war. In the fifties, you had all of these iconic, creative, American women who took it all in stride.”

Photography - Nicholas Ong, Austyn Weiner and Masha Maltsova