“Michael has this idea of a woman who is very active and bright and smart and doesn’t spend too much time on her beauty routine. She might throw on a red lip, but she’s not high maintenance,” says Dick Page, Michael’s long-term makeup artist, as he is dusting contouring bronzer onto the cheekbones of Natasha Poly who looks more positively radiant with each brush stroke. This effortless beauty is a signature Michael Kors runway look and according to Page, it’s easy to imitate.



“We wanted to create a look that’s fresh, expressive and animated, so we used the bronzers in a very discreet way. A lot of loose powder just dusted over the face to give a flush to the skin. It’s not heavy, it’s very transparent. We never paint the face on.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“The brow is very important to Michael. Some of his icons like Lauren Bacall and Ali MacGraw had beautiful, strong eyebrows. To recreate the look, use a pencil or cream and follow the natural line of your brow. Don’t try to add an arch where there isn’t one. If you are blonde, look at the roots of your natural hair. The darkest part of the blonde is the color your brow should be.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“On the lips, we have a little bit of lip balm mixed with Michael Kors lip colors. We tweaked it girl by girl to play off of everyone’s natural tones. Lighter skin tones should keep the look more transparent, but a true red or a true pink is a color that looks great on everyone.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“We were inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She was always very properly dressed and very well put together but her hair was always pulled back in a loose pony or a bun that looked undone. That’s the kind of look we wanted to create for the show, a young, undone freshness that counters the really well put-together clothes. To get the look, I asked the girls to go to bed with their hair damp, so that when they came in in the morning it had a little bit of texture and lift. Then I tweaked it just a little to preserve that fresh, natural feeling.”

—ORLANDO PITA, Lead hair artist

Photography – Masha Maltsova