From loose braids to sun-kissed skin, the beauty on the Michael Kors Spring 2015 Runway was a glamorous ode to summer romance. We spoke to lead makeup artist Dick Page, lead hair stylist Orlando Pita, and manicurist Jin Soon about the tips and tricks of creating these barely there, dreamy looks.



“Michael’s Spring 2015 collection has some beautiful color and beautiful lines. There’s a lot of movement. For beauty, we wanted to keep only a couple of things highlighted to best complement the clothes.

We wanted the girls to feel as sexy as they look. There’s a little heat in the skin. We used the Michael Kors bronzers in Glow and Flush. We used Glow on the paler girls because it’s more of a yellow base. With Flush, you can go a little bit richer, it has a pink tint.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“We put the bronzer quite close to the eyes. It adds warmth and makes them pop. A little bit of mascara, a little bit of brown pencil and a little bit of grease that adds a tiny bit of wet shine and contrasts with the warm color high on the cheekbones to make everything pop.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“We gave the lips a little bit of tone with the gloss. To get the look, blot the gloss onto the lips, add some base on top, and smudge with a finger. It’s a lot of work to look natural. It looks like nothing, but it's the right kind of nothing.”

—DICK PAGE, Lead makeup artist



“The show is inspired by iconic Americana but for the hair we wanted to contrast that with a looser, softer kind of look. We parted the hair in the middle and left some loose layers in the front. There’s a very low braid in the back with more un-tucked pieces. The texture is kind of wavy, but not really a curling iron wave, more of a natural wave. It took a lot of work.”

—ORLANDO PITA, Lead hair artist



“For the nails, Michael wanted to see a powder finish so he decided to use a matte finish on a nude color.  It was entirely his decision.

It's good to use a nude nail color when wearing a lot of colors and patterns so the nails don't clash with the clothing. Michael Kors Hint works well with the collection for just that reason - it complements the patterns and takes a supporting role.”

—JIN SOON, Manicurist

Photography – First View, Nicholas Ong, David X Prutting/