It’s (Almost!) Showtime

Fitting FL13 05

On the eve of his Fall 2013 runway show at Lincoln Center, Michael Kors shares his pre-show routine with us: lots of iced tea, lots of last-minute edits and a 10 p.m. exit from the office—no more all-nighters.

I got up today at quarter of six with my pussycats jumping on my head. The cats get up early. Plus, I don’t sleep well during show week. We finally watched the Grammys late last night, so this morning, I watched the tail end of Fashion Police’s recap—I wanted to see who they chose for best and worst. 

For breakfast, I had some iced tea and half a bialy—as usual—then I came into work and started editing and moving the order of the show as we always do last-minute. We’re still looking at models. And we won’t be done playing around with all of these fittings until tonight.

I had a salad for lunch. Yes, I’ve been intending to eat healthily. Sometimes I have sashimi, which is good, but as soon as I finish the sashimi, the Doritos come out. Today it’s salad and Doritos. I don’t recommend this diet…arugula, chocolate-covered cherries and Doritos. 

A side note on junk food: the only good snack at Project Runway is Cheetos. Since many people think that Nina Garcia and I are overly tan, the joke is that we both grind Cheetos dust into our facial powder to give us our orange glow. And that’s all she wrote…

…but back to work. We’re doing previews with the international press today. We’ll have the final music meeting today and I’ll work on the show notes and run of show. I’m hoping to leave around 10. Personally, I haven’t done the all-nighters in a long time. I used to. I actually remember personally going to Kinko’s at 5 in the morning to have them run off the show lists. 

I made a skirt in the middle of the night once when we still had a full sample room here in New York. All the seamstresses had fallen asleep. Lance had fallen asleep. Derek Lam was working for us then; Derek had fallen asleep. I was staring at the board and there was a coat that I thought looked really heavy—I thought it needed a miniskirt. We didn’t have one. And we didn’t have any fabric left either. So, I cut up another coat myself and made a very rudimentary skirt at about 4:30 in the morning. 

We had seafood from BLT Fish last night: some salmon, shrimp cocktail, arugula salad and a little baked clam. For dinner tonight, not Chinese—too puffy the next day. Probably some protein. Gotta keep the lion ready to roar. Maybe roast chicken from Pastis…love Pastis delivery.

I won’t read anything tonight. I’ll probably watch something trashy. Maybe watch an episode of The Nanny, or maybe I’ll watch the premiere of The Face before bed. I’ve known all the models—Naomi, Karolina, Coco—for so long, it will be like hanging out with them in my living room! I’ll go to sleep like I normally do, around 12:30. When I wake up, it's go time.