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Michael’s Take On Look 1

Nothing says warm weather to me like head-to-toe white. The whole collection is about the juxtaposition of something romantic with something polished.


"I love the shape of this fluid dance skirt in white linen gauze paired with this tissue weight linen jacket. It’s the suit without the structure. So if you love wearing a dress but want to be in separates, this is the best of both worlds. It’s as light as a dress but has the pieces of a suit. And it’s on my favorite girl opening the show, Karmen Pedaru. She automatically puts a smile on my face because I think she’s got that beautiful and romantic look but at the same time she’s strong. She’s perfect for it.

I’m showing the look with all peanut accessories. Nothing’s better than a bag, a shoe and a belt that will get better with age. And I love that pale kind of peanut color. The bag is actually straw and leather mixed. I love being able to take the textures from the beach and bring them into the city. It’s your beach sandal made for the city. It’s your beach bag made for the city. So even if you are going to work, you still have a beach attitude."

—Michael Kors