Spring Sneakers
Lily Aldridge Steps To It

When we first saw Lily Aldridge break it down for us on the set of our Spring 2016 sneaker shoot, we can't say we were all that surprised by her killer dance moves. Between her well-documented love of ballet, her marriage to Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill and close friendship with BFF Taylor Swift (just think of all those concerts she’s attending), the California native was well- equipped to handle anything choreographer Normann Shay threw at her.

“The moves came naturally to Lily — she's really fun to work with and she learns pretty fast,” said Shay, who is known for his work with Madonna and with publications including Vogue and V Magazine. “She even had some smooth floor tricks hidden in her hat that I was impressed to see—and ended up including in the shoot!”

So, what happens when you get a star choreographer, a music-loving model and the season’s hottest sneakers in a room together? Watch the video to find out.