The Spring Report


Already an established must-have, the star power of sneakers seems to be shining brighter than ever in 2016, proving itself a trend with serious staying power. And as if being both cool and comfortable isn’t reason enough to get behind the look, here’s five more ways you can get your kicks … from your kicks.


1. They’re perfect for the woman on the run. Literally.

Say goodbye to carting subway-appropriate shoes around in your handbag, getting your heels stuck in sidewalk gratings, and ending general foot fatigue. You're a go-getter and your sneakers show it.


2. Your “occasion” wardrobe is now “all access.”

That ballgown skirt or silk slip dress you pull out once a year for your cousin’s wedding? Consider them in full wardrobe rotation when paired with sneakers, which lend a cool, casual insouciance to even the fanciest of frocks.


3. You can dance all night long.

Wear your sneakers on your next night out to embrace your inner dancing queen… because we all know you can't moonwalk in heels.


4. They help keep your options open.

Dating is hard enough, without having to veto a potential suitor over a little (pun-intended) height issue. Skip the stilettos and voilà—your dating pool just got that much wider.


5. They’re on-trend and trendless.

There's nothing worse than investing in an item only to see it gathering dust in your closet the following season, when it starts feeling outdated. Sneakers are one of those rare items that are both on-trend and forever timeless—you'll be wearing them long after the next shoe craze blows in.