Chinese New Year

In collaboration with Lucky Magazine


We teamed up with Margaret Zhang, of the blog Shine By Three, and Lucky Magazine to bring you a luxe spread of extras for a chic Chinese New Year celebration.This is the time for new beginnings, so why not start on a high note with a brand new color-pop carryall, statement watch and gilded extras? Whether you’re having a glamorous gathering with friends and family or need an excuse to update your accessories, this edit will see that you’re the talk of any table.


Margaret Zhang, blogger at Shine By Three


Q: How do you plan on celebrating Chinese New Year this year?
“We always spend a full day prepping a huge feast, Skyping family back in China, and gorging ourselves on xiao long bao and sweets. We’re all so busy day-to-day, so it’s awesome taking a full day to hang out and fail at mastering mom’s epic recipes.”
Q: What’s your best styling tip for wearing red?
“I’m all for a scarlet matte lipstick, or bright red nails. On the flipside, going head-to-toe red in a jumpsuit or pantsuit pared back with neutral outerwear works really well, too.”
Q: Family and friends aside, who are the people you’d invite to your dream dinner party and why?
“Luisa Marchesa Casati because she’d most likely turn up naked under a fur with her pet panthers and gold-leafed waiters in tow, Goldie Hawn for her infectious laugh, F. Scott Fitzgerald to ask what he thought of Leonardo DiCaprio, Solange Knowles and her son Julez to dance with and James Blake to sing to me the whole time.”

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