Be it because minimalism is still major or just because one good thing is never enough, we’ve gone through several pairs of white sneakers in the last year. The uber-versatile shoe that started out as an athleisure essential has run the style course from weekend to work day to date night, proving to be the wardrobe MVP for almost any occasion.


This spring, we’re initiating the white kicks into the color cult. With bold laces in optimistic shades, the Poppy sneaker steps into a whole new style scene.


With its sporty perforated design and simple silhouette, the Poppy will keep black and white polka dot dresses from looking too girly and lend an easy-cool vibe to twill trousers and tube skirts. For extra style points, pick up a handbag or a clutch in the same shade as the hot-hued laces.

The sneaker trend is non-stop, but as they say, if the shoe fits…buy more.