12 Dos and Don’ts from front row favorite and in-demand stylist Giovanna Battaglia.


There's a rare breed of women who manage to look impossibly chic no matter the occasion. Some are the uniform dressers with their signature skinny jeans, tees and blazers, and some are unapologetic in their love of fashion and experimentation. Giovanna Battaglia perfectly embodies the best of both worlds, bringing a vibrant, modern energy to classic Italian glamour. Whether looking elegant in short-shorts (a tall order) or working the double denim trend, Battaglia’s denim game is always on point. We took time with Battaglia, who styled our spring 2016 shoots, to find out her styling rules for this season's most important trend—denim.

DO look to Jane Birkin as your denim icon—classy, sexy and chic.
DO find the perfect fit for your body type, and make sure it’s the right length for the shape of the denim.
DO style blue denim with a white silk or cotton shirt—even better, add a blazer on top.
DO accessorize to dress up your denim—when in doubt, go with gold.
DO go bold with denim on denim for a casual, chic uniform look.
DO pair boyfriend jeans with high heels—and keep the rest casual with a simple sweater or sweatshirt.  


DON'T wear super-low-riding denim—nobody wants to see your underwear!
DON'T overstyle, unless you want to look like you've time travelled to the early 2000's.
DON'T pair super-high stiletto heels with skinny jeans.
DON'T wear denim to official or corporate events. There is a time and a place for denim; these events aren’t it.
DON'T wear shorts that are too short—unless you're on the beach.
DON'T follow the rules :-)