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Lily Aldridge’s Postcards From Rio


Chic aviators, check. Windswept hair, check. Sense of adventure, check. Lily Aldridge is our muse for traveling glamorously. So, when the supermodel landed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it’s no surprise that she made a splash. Between takes at the Michael Kors Jet Set 6 shoot, she sipped on a cool coconut and posed for happy-snaps. Read what she had to say about the exotic destination.

Q: Rio is…
“One of my favorite cities in the world—it's magical.”
Q: Describe your ideal Rio-vacation itinerary.
“Lots of sun and a spa appointment, great dinners, fabulous drinks and lots of dancing.”
Q: What is your impression of Brazilian style?
“Very laid-back but sexy.”

Q: What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned from your experiences traveling the world?
“Learning about new cultures and meeting new people is my favorite part of any trip.”
Q: The key to posting a vacation pic that’s worthy of a ‘double tap’ is…

Q: My samba moves are…
“A work in progress!”
Q: A deserted beach is…