Michael Kors The Walk


Michael Kors The Walk

She may be famous for her high cheekbones, lean frame and an infectious smile, but don’t be fooled. This English-born beauty is much more than just a pretty face. Besides having countless runway appearances and glossy covers under her belt, Jourdan has cameoed in music videos for Beyoncé’s self-titled album and has hosted a cooking show, Well Dunn, on Jay Z’s YouTube channel. We walked around Venice Beach with the stylish trendsetter to talk favorite new haunts, hidden gems and best meals to cook for friends.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?
I recently got put on to Egg Slut from the crew from Michael Kors, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


What’s the best shopping street in town?
Rose Bowl Flea Market on a Sunday.


Favorite spot to go dancing?
My bathroom.


Any private haunts in L.A. that many people may not know about?
Crystalarium on La Cienega... beautiful crystals.


How do you describe your personal style?
Street chic.


Where do you get style inspiration from?


Who is your role model, and why?
My mother. I’ve always admired how strong and independent my mother was raising me and my brothers.


What’s your favorite meal to cook for a group?
A South East Asian banquet which would include Thai fish cakes, moo ping (grilled pork skewers), chili crab, and Thai green curry with rice and vegetables.


And what’s your favorite meal to cook for yourself?
Jamaican stew chicken because it reminds me of home.