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Fresh from the glamorous New York Met Gala, Shanghai-born beauty Ming Xi flew home to partake in the Michael Kors Jet Set Experience. From her favorite things about the bustling city to her street-style icons, we spoke flying, fashion and frivolities with the model-of-the-moment.

Q: What did you think about the Michael Kors Jet Set show and collection presented in Shanghai?
"It was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever walked in. Seeing the real airplane in the show venue was just wow! It was such an honor for me to open the third section of the show with Zhao Lei. I loved my outfit – perfectly cut, powerful and really modern."
Q: What did you think about the overall Jet Set Experience?
"The Jet Set Experience was really fun and creative. We could receive updates from Instagram, Weibo and WeChat – it was everywhere."
Q: What do you love about Shanghai?
"Everything. I was born and raised in Shanghai and I think that the most fascinating part of Shanghai is its fast speed and the atmosphere of fashion, with a touch of retro as well."

Q: You travel so much with your career. Do you like to collect anything from your trips?
"I used to collect fridge magnets wherever I travelled to. And, I always go to local vintage shops to discover jeans, T-shirts and accessories – I have so many vintage pieces."
Q: What are the travel essentials you can't live without?
"My iPhone and charger – I have to keep connected when I’m traveling."
Q: How do you stay paparazzi ready for when you emerge from the plane?
"Get a facial mask and put on my sunglasses."
Q: What’s your go-to travel outfit?
"Shorts and jumper or baseball blazer."
Q: What are the items of clothing you always pack in your suitcase?
"I always pack wearable and chic clothes into my suitcase. So, Michael Kors is!"
Q: How would you describe your signature style in five words or less?
"Mix and match."
Q: Who are your favorite bloggers or Instagrammers that you like to follow?
"I get inspired from Michael Kors’ Instagram account. I also follow quite a lot of bloggers like Susie Bubble and Adam Katz Sinding."
Q: Who is your style icon, past or present?
"I don’t have a specific style icon, sometimes even a passer-by on the street can be my inspiration."