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Mothers in the Spotlight


As purveyors of pitch-perfect taste that they will no doubt pass on to their children, these glamorous women are on our radar as Mother’s Day approaches. Whether they are jetting around the world to style photo shoots and attend shows, or are just sipping lattes on a playground in Brooklyn, they make motherhood look (almost) easy. We teamed up with The Glow to shine a spotlight on the lives of three familiar fashion industry faces and their adorable families.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Julia Restoin Roitfeld is living proof that fashion is in the genes. The daughter of Carine Roitfeld,the Editor-in-Chief of CR Fashion Book and the former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, Restoin Roitfeld grew up surrounded by the kind of glamour most young women only dream about. The creative director and model is as comfortable in the front row and in front of the camera as she is working behind the scenes. Mother to four-year-old Romy, who will likely grow up considering leopard print a basic, Restoin Roitfeld gives us her take on life and motherhood.


Q: What was it like to grow up with a mother who was so involved in the fashion industry?
A: As a kid all I was aware of was that she was working with huge top models such as Cindy and Claudia! I was so impressed. I didn’t start to understand the importance of her position until I became a teenager. 
Q: Do you remember the first piece of clothing that you were dying to borrow from her?
A: A little black dress. I remember being so excited when I finally got to borrow it. It was like a childhood dream come true.


Q: What lessons did you mother teach you about motherhood that you’d want to pass on to Romy?
A: That’s a good question. To be close enough so that she is not scared to confess things or problems, but to be careful to remain “mom” and not the “friend mom.” I think that benefited me so much growing up and hopefully I can succeed with Romy on this as well.
Q: If you could have anything from Michael Kors for Mother’s Day, what would you pick?
A: The pleated halter dress with the studs from the Spring 2016 Collection in both black and nude, the leather backpack and a pair of shades. I love the edge that Michael Kors clothing exudes, while still remaining classy and timeless.

Julia Von Boehm

German-born Von Boehm got an enviable start in the fashion business by assisting Carine Roitfeld, then the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. Often mistaken for a French native thanks to her pared-down, subtly sexy aesthetic, Von Boehm now calls Manhattan home, where she lives with her two young daughters. The fashion editor and stylist regularly lends her sharp eye and skill to Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Germany among other glossy publications.


Q: You were raised in a small German town, but your kids are growing up in New York City. Is there anything from your own childhood you wish they could experience? A: Nature played an important role in my childhood and I am trying to take the girls to
the countryside and seaside any weekend I possibly can so they can experience the same.

Q: Do your daughters have an opinion on your style? When do you think they’ll be shopping in your closet and will you let them?   A: They already have a very strong opinion on my style. There are days they love my outfits and they comment every morning before I leave the house. Some days they even ask to choose my outfits. I will for sure share my closet as soon as they reach my height.


Q: What do you hope to teach them about fashion? A: To dare and not care. I would like them to develop their own style individually and feel  comfortable in their own skin. I will try to guide them but also give them the freedom to discover what they like.Q: If you could have anything from Michael Kors for Mother’s Day, what would you pick? A: I love the knitwear! The sweaters are of very high quality and have the perfect cut. I would wear the knits with denim and a high heel to the office and then change into a flat for school pickup.


Known for her effortlessly cool, tomboy wardrobe and a knack for picking the perfect pieces for high-profile celebrity clients, Nasr has been making her mark on the fashion scene ever since her days assisting Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington. Today, with multiple styling credits under her belt on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle, Nasr is the fashion director at ELLE. Mom to son Lex, she lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Q: What do you love the most about being a Brooklyn mom?
A: I love the pace of Brooklyn! It still has incredible energy and diversity but the skyline
is lower and the pace of life is a little more gentle. It is the best place for us as a family.
Plus, we have a view of Manhattan from our window and can pop over in 10 minutes. 
Q: What are your weekend-with-Lex style go-to’s?
A: T-shirt or sweatshirt and jeans.


Q: Is there any advice you’d like to give your pre-Lex self? 
A: Enjoy all the sleep you can because you will never sleep the same way again. 
Q: If you could have anything from Michael Kors for Mother’s Day, what would you pick?
A: I am in love with the black Chantilly lace blouse from the Spring 2016 collection.
If I could wear lace every day, I would. It’s definitely not the most practical playground wear but it looks so divine.