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Most women wear different hats, but few make it look as effortlessly chic as Alessandra Ambrosio. The Brazilian-born beauty is a multi-hyphenate with model, actress, designer and street style star on her lengthy resume. But Ambrosio gladly admits that her most important role is being a mom to seven-year-old Anja and three-year-old Noah. “My kids are my number one priority,” says Ambrosio. “I try to schedule everything so that I can spend as much time with them as possible.” This is why casting the in-demand model and her daughter in our Mother’s Day campaign was an easy decision. Watching the delightful duo do their thing on set, it was crystal clear that being camera-ready is in the genes. Read on for our Q&A with the model and mom.

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How do you hope your daughter will describe her childhood when she’s older?

I think she will say she was able to explore and learn a lot from her parents
and become a self-sufficient adult that cares about the world we live in.

What’s your favorite thing that Anja has ever said or done?

Anja is a grown-up stuck in a child’s body. This past Thanksgiving she
decided to compose a very thoughtful email to all of her friends and family
and tell them how thankful she is to have them in her life.

What style lessons will you teach her?

Wear something that makes you feel good as beauty and confidence come from the inside.

How do you think she would describe you to her friends?

She would probably say "my mom is a grown-up version of me." :-)


How did you come up with your children’s names?

We actually looked at many baby lists and searched the Internet because we were
looking for names that would sound great in both English and Portuguese.

What’s your favorite place to visit with your kids and why?

We go to Brazil every chance we get as we have our second home there. Additionally every year
we choose another fun and exotic location to visit and have been to Mykonos, Hawaii, Italy
and Indonesia. We always try to look for a place that has many activities that we can do as a family.

Where do you want your children to grow up? Brazil or L.A.?

I would say both places. They go to school and live in L.A. but we go to Brazil any chance
we get. I think it is great for them to get to know as many cultures as possible so I try to take
them on other fun trips around the world.


Has motherhood changed your style?

I think that my style is more practical right now. I like to mix and match key pieces that are comfortable
and look good with an accessory, like a great bag, to make the outfit stand out more.

What's the one thing you know now that you didn’t suspect before becoming a mother?

I never knew you can love someone that much.

What’s the best advice your mother gave you and did you follow it?

Always follow your dreams, and yes as I am living a dream right now.

What words would you choose to describe motherhood?

Unconditional love, happiness, rewarding, and fulfilling.