Cuteness the dog Michael Kors


Between Taylor Hill, Romee Strijd, Mario Testino and Michael Kors, there was plenty of star power at the Spring 2017 campaign shoot. Yet despite the many famous faces on set, one model managed to steal the show entirely: Cuteness the Poodle. Read on for the posh pooch point of view on style inspiration, celebrity crushes and who gives the best cuddles.


How did you react when you found out you’d be shooting a Michael Kors campaign with Taylor Hill and Romee Strijd?
When I got the call from my agent, I literally couldn’t stop wagging my tail. Unfortunately, it always wags so it was hard to tell I was excited.


What was your favorite part of the day?
I’ve always been inspired by Mario Testino’s work, so needless to say I was drooling over the opportunity to work with him.


Who gives the best cuddles: Romee or Taylor?


What was your favorite item from the shoot?
The Mercer shoulder bag in white. It’s a must-eat!


Who’s your celebrity crush?
Oh that’s easy—Boo the Pomeranian. I had a poster of him on the wall of my kennel growing up.


Who’s your doggleganger?
Honestly? I don’t really think I have one—my look is quite unique. However, when my hair gets long, I’ve been told Barbara Streisand’s dog Sammie and I bear quite a striking resemblance.


Where do you look for inspiration on Instagram?
Bodhi from @MenswearDog is actually a close friend of mine and someone I always rely on for grooming tips. Eloise at @FoodFrenchieNYC keeps me up to date with the latest restaurant hot spots, and everything I know about selfies, I learnt from @MarnieTheDog.