This fall we’re drawing inspiration from that bohemian, creative vibe one finds on the streets of north Brooklyn. Here’s who was walking down the shady brownstone-lined blocks and snapping selfies at the Brooklyn Bridge park as we shot our MICHAEL Michael Kors Fall.



Home Town: Utrecht, Netherlands
Birthday: January 15

Q: What’s on your shopping list for fall?
A: A cozy sweater with long sleeves, leather jacket and a turtleneck.

Q: What’s your go-to haunt in Brooklyn?
A: The view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, especially at sunset.

Q: What’s your favorite Snapchat lens?
A: The bee with voice changer.



Home Town: Toulon, France
Birthday: January 22
Favorite Thing About Michael Kors: “He’s fun and genuine.”

Q: If you had to pick one coat to live in all fall, what would it be?
A: Something very long and very warm. The winter is so brutal that I almost don’t care about the way I look, I just need to be warm in it.

Q: Your phone aside, what’s the other thing you never leave home without?
A: A book! I cannot leave my house without a book.

Q: One French style stereotype that you live up to?
A: I like my glass of rosé at 4PM. We call it “l’apero.”



Home Town: Kalmar, Sweden
Birthday: April 8
Her Favorite Thing About Michael Kors: “Michael is very caring about everyone he works with and he treats his team like family! I feel so honored to be a part of it.”

Q: Sneakers or ankle boots?
A: Sneakers.

Q: How do you take your coffee?
A: Black with an extra shot of espresso.

Q: If you could spend the month of September anywhere, where would you pick?
A: Travel to Hawaii and learn how to surf.