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Kors Crush:
Laura Love

Laura Love

It girl, street-style star and model-of-the-moment, Laura Love is our latest crush. The Los Angeles native—and frequent jet setter—attended a dinner hosted by Michael Kors to celebrate Claiborne Swanson Frank’s “Young Hollywood” book, in her hometown. Here she talks silver screen style icons, her go-to packing list and her guilty pleasure.

Q: Who are your Hollywood style icons—past and present?
“Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marion Cotillard.”
Q: What are your tips for posing for the perfect red-carpet picture?
“Confidence—and good hair and makeup.”
Q: What’s your favorite Michael Kors piece that you own and why?
“I love his turtlenecks—he makes the best chunky, ribbed, cashmere ones that I wear on the plane all the time.”
Q: Describe Michael Kors in 5 words or less…
“Classic, American, timeless and luxurious.”
Q: Sum up your signature style…
“Tomboy transatlantic.”
Q: Where is your dream vacation destination and what would you wear there?
“Cape Town, South Africa. On safari. Wearing a full safari look—big hat included.”
Q: What are the items you always pack when travelling?
“The basics: turtlenecks, striped T-shirts, a leather jacket, high-waisted white jeans, ballet flats, tennis shoes, a party dress and heels, beauty mask, cleanser, moisturizer and, most importantly, sunblock.”
Q: If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
Q: What has been your best Halloween costume, to date?
“Dressed as a character from ‘Avatar’.”
Instagram filter of choice:
Guilty pleasure:
“The TV show ‘Scandal’.”