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Italian blogger – and chic globetrotter – Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad passed through Florence, Italy, to say ciao to the new Michael Kors Lifestyle store in the Piazza della Repubblica. Ferragni took time out to talk travel essentials, style icons and all things Italian fashion.

Q: Describe your signature style in 5 words or less…
"Laidback, unique and chic."
Q: Who are your style icons – past or present?
"Kate Moss, Jane Birkin and my mom."
Q: What’s your fail-safe fashion formula for a go-to outfit?
"Leathers shorts and a plain shirt styled with a pair of boots are perfect for work or a night out."
Q: What are the items that you always pack when traveling?
"I never forget to bring a pair of comfy ripped jeans and an “of-the-moment” backpack."


Q: What other travel essentials can’t you live without?
"I always pack my headphones when I’m facing a long trip because music helps me relax during the flight."
Q: What’s your favorite Michael Kors piece that you own?
"A tan tote that I bought in the US during one of my trips, a few years ago."
Q: Which Michael Kors piece is on your wish list?
"Adriana sandals – they are my favorite!"
Q: The most-loved item in my closet is…
"A varsity jacket I bought in a vintage shop at Venice beach in LA."


Q: How would you describe Italian style?
"Italians are all very stylish because they love fashion. Italian style means feeling free to mix-and-match classic clothes with on-trend pieces."
Q: What’s your favorite Italian city and why?
"I'm fascinated by the history and magical atmosphere of Rome. I love how the city makes me feel and how the people are happy and friendly."
Q: What’s your dream vacation destination and what would you wear there?
"Australia is one of my dream destinations – I’ve never been there! I love to be comfy and wear denim shorts with white T-shirts."