Girls’ Night In

How to celebrate Singles Day

Celebrate Singles Day 2016

They say love is a game—well, so is style. And the best way to win? Bet on yourself. Which is why we’re taking a leaf out of China’s book this month and celebrating Singles Day, the nation’s wildly popular November 11 holiday for the free and the independent. Celebrate  your single status  by bringing your best friends together for a ladies’ night you won’t forget. To prep, take a gamble on style  and stock up on luxe accessories that up the ante and make you feel like a million bucks.

Singles gaming party

Raise the STAKES

From poker to blackjack, go all in with a game night theme for the evening. Just add a little bling for extra points.



A day of celebration calls for a little self-indulgence. Treat yourself with a purchase that you can stash your cards (and your winnings!) in later that night.

Snap, Or It Didn’t Happen

Make sure it’s a night to remember by keeping an instant camera on hand. Capture your favorite moments throughout the evening —then dole out the INSTAX® snaps to  your friends for the perfect parting gift.

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