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All eyes – and cameras – were on Freida Pinto when she stepped out on the Cannes Film Festival 2014 red carpet, wearing a breathtaking custom-made Michael Kors gown. The actress talks about this show-stopping moment, her travel essentials and exciting upcoming projects…

Q: How did you choose your Michael Kors gown for Cannes?
"It was rather effortless and organic. The idea was to wear a one-of-a-kind custom piece and I had about 3 equally beautiful dresses to choose from. As soon as I put on the nude beige number, with sequins and feathers, there was a unanimous gasp of approval from all present at my fitting. It was pretty much the first time since 2009 that I slid into a princess-like dress, with volume and drama. It just screamed “Cannes” and that was it!"
Q: Do you remember the first Michael Kors item you ever purchased?
"A watch I bought as a gift for a friend."
Q: What inspires you most about the Cannes Film Festival?
"Cannes Film Festival is one of the most amazing launch pads for new talent in filmmaking. Actors and directors have been discovered and re-invented here. There is something magical about saying: 'My film premiered at Cannes'."
Q: How would you define classic Cannes red-carpet dressing? Do any Hollywood icons come to mind?
"Given that the setting is so beautiful, black gowns are almost a little wasted on the red carpet in Cannes, even though I absolutely love a classic black dress. When it comes to Hollywood icons, Sophia Loren comes to mind."
Q: What are your favorite types of films to watch?
"Oh I like anything and everything. My moods decide my film viewing choice and my moods always swing from one extreme to another ensuring I've covered the whole spectrum of film genres."
Q: What are your fashion must-haves when you travel?
"I don’t know how to travel light so my fashion must-haves include everything for myself and maybe another two girls, as well! From dresses to jeans to T-shirts to bags and, oh yes, shoes!"
Q: Would you rather dress for a day in the city or a day at the beach?
"A day in the city."
Q: How does your native Indian culture fit into your signature style?
"I think my love for colors is something very Indian and also I do have a very deep appreciation for intricate embroidery and design work on clothes."
Q: Can you tell us about your roles in the upcoming movies, 'Knight of Cups' and 'Desert Dancer'?
"I play very different roles in both films but as a rule I don't discuss my characters too much before the films are out. Let's just say there will be some dance in there somewhere."

Favorite item in my closet…
"Big straw hat"
Retail therapy…
"Quivering credit card"
Recent impulse buy…
Can’t shop without…
"My cell phone – need to send my sister pictures for approval"