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First Look:
“Young Hollywood”

by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Make room on your coffee table for a glamorous new addition. Photographer and stylist Claiborne Swanson Frank shot some of her favorite Hollywood rising stars and compiled the silver screen-inspired portraits and candid thoughts on the entertainment industry in her aptly titled tome, ‘Young Hollywood’ (Assouline).

Featuring such of-the-moment actresses as Camilla Belle, Lea Michele, Ireland Basinger Baldwin and Isabel Lucas along with a foreword written by Michael Kors, it’s the chicest of page-turners.

Here, Swanson Frank gives us an exclusive sneak peek at the book and talks about the inspiration behind her work, her style icons and the best piece of fashion advice she’s ever received.

Q: Where did the idea for the ‘Young Hollywood’ book first come from – and how did it develop?
“I moved to Los Angeles two years ago with my husband after the release of my first book ‘American Beauty’, and I felt that there was a unique opportunity to tell a new story about the next generation of women in Hollywood – to document through portraits the new guard of actresses and insiders.”
Q: What was your inspiration for the photography and styling of the women?
“Through my book, I wanted to honor the history of Hollywood through location and wardrobe while telling a new story about the next generation of talents. I am a nostalgic person and I feel that the past always inspires much of my work. I wanted to marry the past and the present – the subjects would tell the modern story of Hollywood while the wardrobe and the locations would whisper to the iconic past of Hollywood.”
Q: What was the most interesting thing you learned about women in the entertainment industry?
“I was inspired by their commitment to the art of storytelling and by the passion they feel about what they are creating in the world. I loved how each of them embodied a tremendous amount of personal strength and vision yet all the while being wildly human, sensitive and vulnerable.”
Q: Michael Kors wrote the introduction to the book. How do you see Michael’s aesthetic and 'Young Hollywood' going hand in hand?
“Michael has always celebrated American culture through his collections. He has always shared a deep love of Hollywood and the way it shaped American culture and our idea of glamour and beauty. He and I share a similar aesthetic, and I think this is what made this collaboration so organic and powerful. We both look to the past for inspiration yet all the while looking inward to find a modern way to tell a story and honor the present.”


A preview of the ‘Young Hollywood’ book, featuring the rising stars wearing Michael Kors.

Q: Describe the Michael Kors brand in 5 words or less…
“Classic, glamorous, iconic, aspirational and American.”
Q: How would you describe your personal style?
“Classic American.”
Q: Who are your style icons past or present?
“Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling and Jane Birkin.”
Q: What are the 5 wardrobe items you can’t live without?
Blue jeans, navy blazer, white T-shirt, Breton striped shirts and a fur vest.”
Q: What’s your favorite Michael Kors piece?
“A white and nutmeg linen cutout dress from his Spring 2014 collection.”
Q: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve received and from whom?
“My mother told me: taste is something you are born with, you can't buy it.”
Favorite red carpet celebrity…
“Naomi Watts”
Favorite LA hot spot...
“Soho House”
Favorite film…
Out of Africa 
Favorite fashion era…
“The sixties and seventies”
Dream vacation destination…
“South of France”

‘Young Hollywood’ will be offered for advance sale in select Michael Kors stores globally this fall and through Assouline distribution channels beginning in September. Its launch will be celebrated at a private dinner hosted by Michael Kors in Los Angeles.