There aren’t many models with career longevity like Iselin Steiro. The Norwegian beauty has gone from strength to strength in the thirteen years since making her runway debut, including high-profile campaigns and magazine covers. But remarkably, modeling isn’t Steiro’s only vocation—she’s currently studying full-time to be an architect, and until recently was a co-designer at Norwegian wool line Le Backhand. We caught up with the star of our Spring 2018 campaign to chat about motherhood, future plans and why nature is the ultimate cure-all.


What is the most memorable Michael Kors runway show that you’ve walked in?
The first time is always a great moment, so it will have to be my first MK show. It must have been in 2005!
You grew up in Norway - what is your favorite thing about where you grew up?
My favorite thing about northern Norway, where I grew up, is the nature and the freedom. I had a lot of space to just explore and have fun in the fields, hills and the seashore in my childhood. The love for nature has never left me.
How has Norway influenced your style?
Norwegian style is very practical. Techy outdoor clothes and hiking boots. And wool! So yes, my style is pretty casual and practical, and I wear wool all year round.
Tell us about your studies...
I am currently a full-time student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. I’m on master levels now, so in a little over two years I’ll be an architect! Pretty exciting!
Finish this sentence: a perfect day for me is...
...a day I haven’t made many plans, but one activity just flows into the next. The perfect day contains good friends, good food and being outdoors.
What is the most surprising thing you’ve learnt since becoming a mother?
I’ve become very easily moved. I cry all the time now, both from sadness and joy!
How do you juggle your career, the travel, and motherhood?
My husband and I have been very lucky that our jobs have rarely collided since we had our daughter. He is an actor (and a medical doctor!), so he has a busy life too! I actually enjoy going away for a few days to work, and I get some precious me time :)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I’m living in the same house with my husband and daughter, and maybe another child, I’m working on some exciting architectural projects and maybe I still take an occasional modeling job once or twice a year. I’m practicing yoga more than ever, and I often have friends over for endless dinner parties...
What’s your guilty pleasure?
What’s your signature dish?
I try new dishes all the time! But I often come back to an Indian-inspired lentil stew (dal), or white fish with a simple salad and potatoes.
Name three books everyone should read...
The Bonfire of The Vanities by Tom Wolfe, Niagara by Joyce Carol Oates, and Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.
Any tips for jet-lag?
Be outside! Daylight always helps. And no caffeine. Boring but true.
Where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?
Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica! Off the grid and completely surrounded by jungle and warm ocean waves. It’s paradise!
What is the most important piece of advice you will pass onto your child?
Hard work always pays off. But make sure to have some fun along the way too!