24 HOURS WITH: Dylan Penn


Even with Hollywood heavyweights Robin Wright and Sean Penn as parents, Dylan Penn has managed to fly under  the radar—until now. The model, aspiring screenwriter/director and self-proclaimed foodie is quickly becoming a fashion world mainstay with her all- American charm and jet set glamour. To celebrate the recent launch of the Michael Korse-commerce site in Canada, we teamed up with Penn and luxe lifestyle blog The Coveteurto snap some pics at the  Four Seasons in Toronto before setting off for a tour of the city’s newest hot spots and eateries. In between sips of Moscow Mules (Penn’s favorite cocktail), she shared her go-to style and plans for a perfect night out.


8 AM: "When I’m traveling—on average, twice a month—my go-to breakfast is a pastry basket (rarely disappoints!), a side of sausage and some fresh O.J. I’ll have one coffee a day—it keeps me wired! I love working out outside and I'm lucky to live in a place where I have the option of hiking one day and swimming in the ocean the next. If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d probably stay in LA." 

12 PM:"I hadn't been to Toronto as an adult and I'm a big foodie so it was exciting to take a mini tour of the great restaurants around town. I dress pretty casually most of the time—for me, dressing up usually just means adding a pair of hot booties—so I loved this all white outfit with the white jeans and white sweater." 


4 PM:"I rarely have a "typical" day, my day is mostly dependent on my work schedule and if I'm not working, it's dependent on my mood. The one constant is that I always send way too many texts and yet I rarely respond to the ones that I receive." 

6 PM:
"My favorite thing to wear out to dinner is really jeans and a t-shirt. And I love jewelry—I don’t think you can ever wear enough. I always have gum, lip balm, perfume and my cellphone in my bag. I think my perfect night out would include a three-hour-long dinner, sushi is my favorite, dancing—I’ve been obsessed with the song “Uptown Funk” lately—and staying up until the sun rises. My go-to drink is a Moscow Mule—it’s like juice! If I don’t go out, my guilty pleasure food is Chinese and I usually order moo shu vegetable and chow mein."


12AM: "The last thing I do before falling asleep, no matter where I am, is wash my face. I never take off my jewelry unless I have to."